Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Planet Fitness $10 Sham

This is my informative post to let people know about the misleading promotions and false advertising, that altho' is illegal, still goes on in this nation (USA).

Buyer Beware.

So, this is what the main promotion on the website looks like.

There are also commercials circulating out there (which is how I know of it)   that tell you it's $10 a month, a week for free, to try it, and no commitment. It's a strait-up lie, and false advertising.

It is NOT $10, and there IS A FORCED COMMITMENT.

And, they won't let you do anything UNTIL YOU PAY IT.

They don't ACTUALLY want my $10, they want to sign up a sucker and exploit you with fees.

If the price IS NOT $10, and the actual PROMOTION is NOT $10, then THAT IS FRAUD. Also known as "selective disclosure" i.e. FRAUD. Ergo, it's illegal.

Just advertise the ACTUAL PRICE.

* Edit: 11/13/2015
Another Follow-up:

 Planet Fitness, in writing, fully admitting the engage in deceptive "selective disclosure" advertising, and ALSO conduct business illegally, by forcing member to pay ONLY with credit/debit cards.
Dollar bills, and coins are "LEGAL TENDER", so you CANNOT REFUSE THEM. You CAN refuse credit cards from companies you don't do business with, or even if you do not accept credit cards on the basis of not having a credit card machine, and you may also refuse accepting checks, but you cannot refuse customers/consumers from paying in cash at all.

Anyone that has EVER been in business for them self, including myself, KNOWS THIS.

Hi Kandice, we checked with the Weymouth location to confirm the different membership options and their prices at sign-up. They currently have two options, one for the Black Card and one for $10/month. The Black Card membership is currently $19.99 with no start-up fee and no-commitment. The $10/month membership has a $10 start-up fee and is also no-commitment meaning you can cancel any time without paying a cancellation fee. That means if you wanted to sign-up for the $10/month membership, you'd be required to pay $10 plus a prorated monthly fee of $1.64, which would be a total of $11.64 at sign-up. You can view both membership options here: planetfitness.com/offers/174. To clarify, the memberships are billed through a checking account and automatically withdrawn on or around the 17th of each month. We do not accept cash for monthly dues at this time but you may pay the start-up fee in cash. We hope this helps clear up any misunderstandings.

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