Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stupid Mindless Shit People on my FB Feed Say: Political Correctness Haters Hate it When ur NOT PC to THEM

OK, here's the kinds of nuttery that goes on in my feed on FB:

Take this one for example:

Apparently, these types of persons allege to HATE "political correctness" but not when it's about them.

Whenever its about Bill Cosby, Their guns, their made-up beliefs about pride in the Confederate Flags, how DARE u not be politically correct TO THEM!

Or, when it's about actual, factual things like Climate Change or climate science, and they are acting like buffoons and even COME AFTER YOU to pick a fight. Suddenly, they want "all sides to be presented" because that would "politically correct".... and everyone should get along, and let them present made-up stuff as fact....

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