Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Pokemon Go Lost Spawns September 2019 South Weymouth

Please excuse any of my spelling errors, I've just had surgery on Sept 27th 2019 and am still in recovery. I'm on meds, and I'm exhausted. 
I was OK'ed by my surgeon to play Pokemon Go on since Sunday.
I've been working towards progress since last year for my local Community in game.  

Last Night At My Home:

This Summer At My Home:

The General Range of Spawns in My House/Neighborhood Over This Year (2018-2019):

My Contact Info on Twitter: @BlackUniGryphon
The New Updates to Pokemon Go Spawns Definitely Negatively Effected/Affected my Neighborhood, and the Neighborhoods around me, as well as a Lot of the places around me.
 I am located in South Weymouth Massachusetts.

Many of these neighborhoods have small parks within them that are shared with neighborhoods next to them.

I documented them on OSM.

The most Spawns were near the ONLY PokeGyms we have Especially the Starbucks EX RAID PokeGym (The ONLY ONE in the area) which shares a Parkinglot with Wholefoods. (Weird that in other states Wholefoods has a PokeGym but not here.)

Also, Sprint is located here and their PokeGym no longer shows in Game but one near Braintree does by Weymouth Landing (that's soooo far away u need to drive there.)

This area has several historical spots, including Colonial, Native American Wompatuck, Victorian, Edwardian, and 20th Century.
(the reason I know this was due to playing so much Pokemon Go and talking to locals. I was not born here.)

 The Neighborhoods mostly lost spots, but also places I added in as having parking, that were near the good bits lots Spawns.

Neighborhood Troubles:

Greentree Condominium Neighborhood also shares Parks with New Penny Place, some Town Houses, and is also located next to Fountain Lane Neighborhood, and Gaslight Village.

These Edits to OSM can sometimes show in the game. There are small park areas and gardens which are shared and have benches, walkways, and landmarks. They showed in April 2018, but vanished by May 2018.

These were safe areas for children to catch Pokemon, and had grown in spawns all year.
The pool had Water Pokemon spawns most of the time.

I am showing the highest amounts of spawns that used to be there in Magenta.

Also, many features like bike racks would pawn pokemon, and so did the Electric Car Charger at the 99 Restaurant next to the neighborhood.


There is a also a park full of Glacial Boulders that has remnants of the Wompatuck/Mattakeesett Tribe from the 1600s and before. The boulders were left by glaciers in the ice age and are common to the area.

The Wompatuck used these stones to mill food, or stretch leather tanning. This was left in place and the neighborhood was built around the natural features. Many Colonial Builders would quarry the giant boulders for building materials, and broken off pieces can be found everywhere. 

In the 1800s-early 1900s landscapers were influenced by Chinese landscape known as "Gongshi" but  misunderstood the Chinese Taoist ideology and used the Boulders as Landscape Decor based on ignorance. Much of this was furthered in the mid 1900s after WWII due to the Baby Boom housing & Development Boom. Many of the plants used in this area were sourced from Asian plants and appear to have been from the same gardener suppliers which are all Asian species.

 Examples of the Chinese and Far East Asian gardening & Landscaping dates back to the 1800s in the area and has Gardens in Boston such as The Boston Public Garden (1837) which show the influences.

 I mapped out this area in RED showing spots that lost Spawns, but also Qualify for PokeStops. They are Safe, Historical, often have access to parking,  and even include NON ENGLISH SPEAKING CHURCHES, and Organizations similar to VFW, and similar organizations, as well as the old Naval Air Base "South Field" AKA "Union Point" which has been renovated and is often updating and under construction. The roads will also be updating frequently within the next 2-3 years.

We understand that Niantic may want to reduce Parkinglot Spawns, but it messed up a lot of other Spawns. 


Places NOT Showing PokeStops That Qualify that had a lot of Spawns, and now LOST THEM

The Commons
Yelp Listing  
South Field Welcome Center Museum
Union Point Sports Complex
Andy's Sports Cards & Music Memorabilia Museum Former Antique Train Station
Ma Reily's Antique/Vintage Cafe
The Hang Out (Former Naval Airbase Hanger)
Elf Mini Bridge
Abandoned Military Park
South Field White Bridge
Vintage South Field Sakura Groves

This area was once a busier spot several decades ago, if not over the centuries. I didn't know that until I started playing Pokemon Go. This area was used as a Train Station in the 20th Century, or perhaps even older. I can't find the exact records to confirm this yet. But, the parking areas still exist, and so does the train station which is now a privately owned museum for sports cards & music memorabilia.

The Antique Cafe known as Ma Reily's appears to have possibly been a General Store, in the 1880s or early 1900s. It also shows features from the mid 1900s. The Gasoline Station at the intersection also appears authentic antique styled. (unconfirmed, but evidence highly suggests this)

The Weymouth Great Pond is a Reserviour and has a water treatment plant, as well as several parks, trails, and an antique damn that is now just historical ruins. From what I have gathered, based on my own observations, this reserviour was constructed by making use of several small canals and drainage systems that run through all of the town area as well as all of the neighborhoods, and the wooded areas. Most of these canal systems don't show on the digital maps, but they are everywhere. They are almost entirely geometrically designed with angles and lines, and connect at specific points, and even go through underground tunnels.

Churches: See MAP

 Many Churches are NOT included on the Pokemon Go Map, or Ingress, most likely due to them being NON ENGLISH SPEAKING, especially Portuguese.  We have a high population of locals from Brazil, many of whom are my neighbors. They all vary in faith & beliefs as well.

The Most Common Walking Routs (South Weymouth):

The most common areas to walk around on foot (also people drive) is Main Street (Rt 18) and Pleasant Street,

Typical Walking routs are Shown in Green
* The MOST General Spots to Walk to Play Pokemon Go  are around the Starbucks EX RAID GYM. That's Main Street, and Pleasant Street.

* Down Pleasant Street goes to the Post Office (PokeStop) to Colombian Square which has the Oldest Historical Buildings:

* The Fogg Opera House (PokeGym)
* The Fogg Library (PokeGym)

and their are a few PokeStops Here.


There are also SEVERAL Historical Spots  that don't show as Portals/PokeStops. Many of these places were left unfinished on OSM and I finished Editing them.

This includes:

* Gunn Building Memorial
* Historic Station 5 the original Fire Station which is now a a Jeweler that showcases Ice Sculptures in December.
* Antique Cameo Theatre.
* Wompatuck Stone Grinding Monument
* Tanner Barbara Memorial
* Eagle Scout Memorial

* Fred K Tolkien Square


When I added these spots to the Map a few months ago, they actually started to make Pokemon Spawns, but they are all gone.

Also, back in the winter there was far more Spawns here. I recall playing the Clamperl Event and other Community Day Events in this area and all of the streets were flooded with Pokemon. This used to be THE BEST SPOT TO PLAY. But, by March and Spring it was so disappointing Most of the spawns were missing. and I PLAY EVERY DAY if it's NOT SNOWING, RAINING, or Above 32 degrees.

The Magenta Shows the Walking Area Routs We Use ESPECIALLY FOR COMMUNITY DAY
As You Can See, much of this area is now barren.

I'd recently added Parking areas to the OSM because people from other towns in the Community Discord would visit to Raid and were confused about WHERE TO PARK.

There's actually lots of places to park. BUT we PLAY ON FOOT HERE. 

 This Shows the MOST devastating loss of Spawns.

Many of the residents in the neighborhoods here now PREFER to walk to Wholefoods, Starbucks, and everything else. I see MORE people on foot in the past 4 years than 10 years ago.

This is due to the price of gasoline, but also people realized it was good for health to walk.

This also caused many organizations and local town initiatives to improve the area. We have improvements rolling in to the roads. Parks are being refurbished. Cross-walks are improved.

This is ALSO the ONLY safe area for children to play. THERE'S A PROBLEM with Abduction Trafficking in Greater Boston. Some kids only play with their Dads now, and not their Moms anymore. 

The only place to see moms play with kids in the area was HERE because its a parking lot, and its SAFE inside a car. 

The MOST likely victims of rape slavery are moms with children. 

BUT..... now the Pokemon are gone... 

 I emailed Niantic about this last year trying to get better PokeStops in better locations in October.

I JUST want it to be SAFER for ALL the players INCLUDING CHILDREN. Many of the kids stopped playing because its so much trouble to play without a car... this is ALSO the issue with Ingress, and Harry Potter Wizards Unite as well...

The game LITERALLY says its for 6 years old and up....

But, I just turned 40, and I'm OFTEN the youngest player at EX RAIDS... Just Sayin'....

Having said that.... since I have been so active in my local Discord Community with Pokemon Go the amount of player is going up.... but they all HAVE CARS.

ALSO, the MOST LIKELY groups of players are Dads with kids... Pokemon Go players are tend to be VERY KIND, and non-judgemental to persons with mental illnesses.... I often come across Players whom have been therapeutically effected/affected by playing the game whom suffered from mental illness.

I believe this is due to the positive interaction with Men. In a world that glorifies so-called "Toxic Masculinity" and has so many negative role models, Male Pokemon Players are of a courteous, generous, and team player nature. It is also the MOST cleanest fandom (aside from Harry Potter as well) that has very positive Male players with many good human & humane qualities.

In this area I've often come across persons with handicaps, mental illness, and addiction recovery. I've also come across players during community day that suffered from diagnosed social anxiety and acute agoraphobia (fear of open spaces, and going outside) but talked my ears off the entire event! This was VERY COMMON.

Somehow the combination of the game play outdoors, walking around, and polite friendly players seemed to be a helpful mix.

This shows the HIGHEST concentration of where the Pokemon Spawns were near Starbucks and Wholefoods.

 This shows the HIGHEST concentration of where the Pokemon Spawns were near Starbucks and Wholefoods.
This is a Busy Intersection and it has also been reconstructed. The Satellite Scans are WRONG and OUT DATED. 

Colonial Highland Cemetery Missing From Map 

 This one often baffles me because it's THE OLDEST GRAVEYARD in the entire town, one of the OLDEST of the ENTIRE COMMON WEALTH of MASSACHUSETTS, and the Original 13 Colonies.

 I have been shooting Photography at THIS location since 2003. 

Highland Cemetery  STILL does NOT show IN GAME no matter HOW many times i try to fix the OSM Edits. It did actually start showing Spawns this year, and people OFTEN go there to WALK THEIR DOGS, and its across form the South Shore Hospital, and near Marry Lou's Coffee & Starbucks. People also often Jog there, an there's a park with benches inside. Its VERY peaceful and also invigorating. 

Highland Cemetery Listings:  001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006

 There are other Cemeteries also not showing in game in Weymouth, and they are incredibly old. Many of them have memorials, monuments, and have historical significance to the founding on the Town/City and include Pilgrims, Puritans, Quakers, Revolutionary War Soldiers, and more. 

Renovated Park: Stella Tirrell:

Stella Tirrell Park IS TOTALLY REDONE!
It has 2 NEW Outdoor Roller Hockey Rinks & Competitions.

None of the locals understand HOW nor WHY it DOES NOT have a PokeGym yet. It's the PERFECT SPOT. It also has a playground, parking, a Picnic Area, and they play several Sporst events here. There's ALSO a Mural Painting here dedicated to Legendary BABE RUTH.... I guess local Red Sox fans got over the whole "Curse" thing... (BTW: Baseball is like a religion here. NOT KIDDING.)

They also have seasonal events, good lighting at night,and it used to have loads of spawns here. I got a Shiny Clamperl here on Clamperl Day.

THE MAP LIES!!!!!!!!!!!

 People actually GAVE UP PLAYING around the end of 2017 to early 2018....

There was articles claiming PokeStops could be added as a suggestion....

But those articles are collecting dust in some server... CHECK THE DATE ON THIS ONE.

Niantic told me last year (October 2018) that they were more interested in "expanding globally"....

So, many people, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN, quit playing....

On PogoMap I added the PokeStops to show that there was some.... barely....

But, you can see WHERE the Map Makers Focused their ATTENTIONS:


The main reason u see nothing on the RIGHT SIDE is because not only are their so few PokeStops & PokeGyms but THEY GAVE UP, and QUIT PLAYING.
* Originally I was told that "Rural Areas Don't have many Qualifying sites that could be a PokeStop".
But, I when I started to research it I found this was FALSE. (Also I'm NOT RURAL. I'm in a CITY with LOTS OF OLD TREES BECAUSE it got SETTLED in the 1600s)

I actually found UNTOLD amounts of UNFINISHED items in OpenStreetMap. They just never got finished. Well, I finished them and they many show in the map, but no PokeStops.

Negus Park Started Showing in July

 Negus Park
 Listing 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08
Negus Park: I've Found Many Parks like this in the Araea that were left unfinished on the map for years. I finished & fixed them.
You CAN actually see it AS A PARK NOW IN GAME since July (2018) but no PokeStops there.

Here's ANOTHER place I fixed:

Lakeview Cemetery:
There is ONLY ONE PokeStop Here. It only shows as a PokeStop, and the Cemetery really doesn't show like park.
There are SO MANY MONUMENTS, MEMORIALS, STATUES, and all sorts of places to walk and stroll here. This would be a good spot of a Community Day is it Had more PokeStops AND a PokeGym.
There were players here in 2016-17 that thought they would get more PokeStops there, but nothing happened, and they no longer play.

This Playground has Appeared & Disappeared Many times since July
Thicket Playground No Longer Showing
This Playground was left unfinished on the OSM for years, so I finished it and saved it in the Spring. It began showing in July IN GAME. But, it disappears & reappears many times. It was showing IN GAME for MOST of September. But, no spawns or PokeStops.

It has so many different names as well. I usually call it "Thicket Playground" but different locals call it different names depending on how old or young they are. 

Listings: 01, 02, 03

And, NO we DON'T necessarily view ourselves as RURAL EITHER...

Weymouth is NOT RURAL. It's technically a "City" now.

We have Starbucks, Wholefoods, and MIT is test driving Optimus Drive Inc.'s Robo Cars that drive without a driver in South Field/Union Point.
They also shoot Block Buster Hollywood films there as well in the past 20 years.

 Also, I want you to SEE just how HUGE my Town/City actually is!
Weymouth is SO LARGE that it has multiple Zipcodes.

But we have barely ANY PokeStops or PokeGyms... We actually have MORE Ingress Portals showing than PokeStops & PokeGyms 

Compare THAT to a small town like Randolph, or a Tiny Town like Holbrook. Do you see just how many Portals their are there???

So, I can't even Level Up very fast in Ingress to help out Pokemon Go...

See all the spots in Orange? That's the only spots to play on... good luck trying on foot... I don;t own my own car...

And Pokemon Players are more used to Instant Gratification... the idea of waiting ans strategizing to play Ingress is odd and unusual to them... (It's almost like pulling teeth to get them to take it serious) So, they give up...

But, Ingress Players are more Strategy minded... they wait, and see... and they're Cryptic, and talk in Riddles....   They also don't trust anyone... it's kinda like trying to herd cats... I often feel confused about Ingress Players... they makes jokes, and talk in riddles... they can take forever to answer... or suddenly stop talking....

In the summer, they made jokes about even if I DID make it to a high enough Level to nominate a Portal, it didn't mean it would get voted in...... er..... um....... but so what?

 I could try other ones.... 
-or try again later...

I don't see that as reason ENOUGH to just give up. 

Besides.... Its NOT JUST ABOUT ME.... 

Its about others.

Differences in Ingress Portals Showing but not in Pokemon Go

This is just a FRACTION of things that aren;t showing in the game, and THIS is JUST in SOUTH WEYMOUTH.

TUFTS Library is Under Construction and Lost Spawns in that area of East Weymouth:

* Nearby Ashwood Cemetery not Showing Near Tufts Library.