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Closet Racism & Full On Bigotry: Stupid Shit People on my FB Feed Mindlessly Post

Closet Racism & Full On Bigotry: Stupid Shit People on my FB Feed Mindlessly Post 

How does someone post something like THIS, and still DENY they're a racist????

How do u NOT see how FLAMING RACIST this is?

You HATE Syrians.

You hate the president, and you want to take it out on them, and anyone that agrees with him, or in being a decent human being?

You want to take out your hatred of the president out on innocent refugees? 

It's friggin' mental!

Did you actually think this was clever?
Did you actually pat yourself on the head for this hideous, hateful, extremely racist graphic?

This one is REALLY jaw dropping! I saw this one, and I was FLOORED.

This is FULL ON flaming racist! It's not even subtle. It's EXTREME. This is also what my ex-friend deleted me over, because when I pointed out it was racist, she KNEW she was guilty.

But, instead of admitting it, she did a cowardly move, and bitched about being called a racist, but STILL deleted it ANYWAY.

If you share racist things, RACIST opinions, and agree with them, IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE A RACIST.

How do you even look at yourself in the mirror after posting this and DENY what a hateful bigot you are?

And, THIS was the other one.

Not only did her husband also a friends I knew since WAY BACK, doubled down and posted this.

This one ALSO includes the dialogue we had.

The guy was SO SMUG about it, that he doubled down and had the gall to say that I was name calling, and ALSO didn't want to be called a Racist.

What closet racists always say: 'I have black friends" so that somehow is a free pass to say everything racist without ever admitting it.

Really? Why don;t u tag ur black friends, and see what they have to say about it?

Oh? You don't want to do that?

Huh... that's WEIRD, I wonder why u won;t do that...

SO, yet again, another lackey shows up spouting complete nonsense.

I'm NOT even making this stuff up.

<---<<< U can see it!

I edited NOTHING except blurred the culprits' names, and avatars.

This guy STILL thinks he's NOT a Racist.

This one is EVEN MORE BEYOND the pale.

This one apparently asserts some kind of racist stereotype joke.

Why would a person who wasn't a bigot post something like this?

Oh, that's right! If someone wasn't a racist, they would NEVER post something like this!

So, what kind of person would post something like this, then?

Oh, let me think... Gee, I wonder...

BTW, this man is white.

Then we have this one. This is another FLAMING RACIST meme that's PRO GENOCIDE.

It's a racist meme from Allen West.

So, Yes. I DO know whom Allen West is. he's a paid shill for the extremest right. (Sometimes referred to as an "Uncle Tom", which hearkens back to some black slave men whom were like like slave lords whom would oppress his own people because he wanted status or rewards or pay. yes, I'm aware that it's debatable whether it's an appropriate term or not, and is controversial.)

But, let's get this strait. If Allen West Says or does something racist, does that somehow nullify the racism of it?

No. It does not. The color of your skin has nothing to do, logically, with a point if the point is a bigoted, racist one.

To be clear. the Syrians are a DIFFERENT race than ALLEN WEST, a different culture, a different religion, and are a displaced group of a different nationality than that of Allen West. he is also likening THEM, ignorantly and not based on any facts but fear instead, to those whom terrorized them.

AND, it's using multi colored M&Ms.

Think about that.

Then, there was this chick. I honestly forgot how I'd even become friends with this person, but her stuff was all up in my feed....

I thought, maybe this chick was someone I maybe played FB games with several years back...

But, she started going way off the deep end today, and I couldn't make sense of whatever she wrote or shared all week...

Sometimes, she seemed somewhat leftist, and other times right wing... more and more, it was right winger... she also couldn't make up her mind whether she was pro or anti Tea Party.
(I think she has voices in her head kinda deal... :-/ because it reads that way in much of what she wrote on her FB profile)

Was it some kind of medical issue? Like a personality malfunction? If so, I hate to be harshly judgmental.

So, I went to her profile, to check to see who was on the "mutual friends" list. Apparently some of her "mutual friends" with me were crazed nut-jobs. (Sorry... maybe they were medical cases... I'm sorry)

But, then a many of them were "spiritual" types and "New Agers". You know, Joy-joy, have, love, peace, angels, crystals, and all that... (I used to be big time into that when I was in my teens & 20s.) So, I decided to check through more of her posts....

I just don't have the heart to even share those.... *long sigh*

She thinks somehow God is playing chess with everything, and she also worships Ted Cruz. She's out for blood over Trump, and she can't make up her mind on anything....

I dunno.... I feel bad... because to me, it just seemed like her mind was out to lunch... I really don;t want to be harshly judgmental, but I also felt it wasn't a good idea to keep this person as a FB "friend". So, since everyone is all delete-happy, or unfriend happy... I had to can her, and her other nutty friends... :(

It just wasn't working out....

I could SEE she had sane friends on her FB list, but only the nuts were talking to her.... Sorry... maybe I shouldn't call people nuts if they have a medical issue... but, they had to go. :(

 And, this is another one of those typical, insidiously made meme graphics that use typical propagandist tricks. They use this sort of idea to hide their racism & bigotry behind.

This stuff is also totally made up.

Not that there aren't misfortune veterans that are homeless, but the bills to help them won't pass.

This one isn't as brazen as others that strait up condone genocide.

But, I attempted to to have a conversation to rectify this and he, and about 5 other persons after denying they were racists, then told me they condoned genocide.

Genocide is RACISM. 
It's blind hatred.

There was also the whole Michael Moore thing... so, this article comes out about how he's offering up his home to refugees... Sounds great, right?

-but, it might actually be it's not even his own house, but his ex-wife's, and maybe all for show....

So, I don't know what to make of that... it was an odd conversation....

And, that's my screwy reality of my life right now.....

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