Friday, November 20, 2015

Stupid Mindless Shit People on my FB Feed Say: Xenophobic Irrational Mindless Prejudices

Stupid Mindless Shit People on my FB Feed Say: 
Xenophobic Irrational Mindless Prejudices

Ironically, terrorism and massacres happen quite a bit in my country, but people are becoming SO indifferent to it. I've lost count of how many mass shootings went down this year. I happen to recall things happening in Australia and Norway also, but I just can't even keep track mentally of when it happened... Sure, I could search it on google or other search engines, but it's really depressing enough as it is, and I don't have the physical, nor mental energy to do so... I can barely muster up enough to even type & publish this.

So, here we are... yet again.... a sample of the enormously stupid, ignorant, mindless things that persons whom I personally know/knew share, without thinking it through, on FB, based on hate, prejudice, xenophobia, racism,  or as some excuse to play God.

Here's one that's pro isolationism and clearly xenophobic. 
You realize this actually promotes terror and feeds it just by sharing this publicly, right?
No, they should know that, since I remember these persons from the previous century, but have been so prepped n groomed to be reactionary by fear-based propaganda.

"United we stand, divided we fall" right?
Well, this will definitely divide people. It's not like your trying to get together, like a mature, civil human being, talk things out, listen, find the root causes,, find the solutions, hear out the other sides...

Do you have ANY idea how STUPID this sounds? How stupid this looks? How stupid it makes YOU seem?

No, why would you?
You're just reacting mindlessly..... *face-palm*

 Ya can't even make this stuff up. As a young adult i NEVER thought I'd see the day that people would behave like this. And, I'm NOT talking about the terrorists. We had terrorism last century.... but, people didn't react to it in such an insane, mindless way, like this.

And, here's another one....


If the whole idea of Lady Liberty, a seemingly benevolent symbol of a character based on the artist's mother (is I recall correctly) isn't ridiculous enough to be depicted as waging war (yes, pro war imagery) the lil' blurb written here is even more over the top...

I kind of wonder what Gustave Eiffel would think of this.... 

As the whole event went down last night, i was the very first person in my ENTIRE FB feed to inform anyone about this. And, I was also very active early in the evening. 

So, it's not that I don;t, or didn't care. I actually felt shocked because almost the entire evening it seemed as tho' no one cared at all.... and were very nonchalant... 

It rubbed me very wrong... 

But, by 2AM I did start to see images and positive messages on Instagram, and not just twitter, because Twitter was a blaze with this stuff. But, FB wasn't.

However, this morning, everyone got on board with this, and all started to change their profile photos to red, white, and blue French stripes. 

Yet, what many people began to share was stupid shit like this. 

No one speaking against terrorism.
No one speaking up for peace.

It's not some random thing.

There was a motive behind this. Terrorists don't just do theses things for no reason. 

The West has been invading, bombing, robbing, and killing the east for decades now....

You don't ACTUALLY thinking they "just hate us 'cause they hate us" bull shit, do you? 

You don't ACTUALLY still believe that bullshit about how "they hate us for our freedoms" do you? 

And, you want us to make MORE WARS? 

How have any of these wars worked out so far? 

Oh, that's right! We're worse than ever! And, I'm willing to wager that THIS event is connected some wrong(s) we've done to them, causing these terrorists to go friggin' nuts, and retaliate. 

War doesn't SOLVE problems. and those "freedoms" you think you love will get smothered if you start becoming an isolationist, and lock ourselves in.

* Edit: And I thought THIS was bad.... wait until you see my next blog post...

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