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Stupid Shit People on my FB Feed Say: Xenophobia and Full On Racism & Fascism

Xenophobia and Full On Racism & Fascism
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Story of a Closet Racist (one of several coming out or on the fence)

If my last blog post wasn't alarming and disturbing enough, I think this one will take the taco.

So, I think this is the turning point.... mark this day November the 20th 2015 is the Day Most White Americans turned not only full on RACIST, but also became Pro Fascist Radicals.

What? you think I'm playin'? You think I'm kidding?
You think this is hyperbole?

Here's the deal, if you post and share things which are RACIST, because you AGREE with them, and you LIKE THEM, it's BECAUSE YOU ARE A RACIST.

So, as I start to watch my FB feed become this hideous cesspool of festering HATE of people whom I knew since I was very young, I became quuite concerned.

At first I thought (benefit of the doubt) maybe they're probably just misguided, being reactionary, and acting hysterical without realizing what they're doing....

But, it just became worse and worse... and even women.

So, i asked my friend, because I was concerned. I asked her if she was a racist now.  A simple question. because she posted something incredibly vile and extremely racist.

Then, I scrolled down and saw something else she posted EVEN MORE RACIST that that. they were BOTH full on racist. So, I asked her again: So, when did you become a racist?

I tried to reason with her that maybe she should know what she was doing, and think things through before that.... but, as the posts were flying, it was OBVIOUS she was turned. She was NOW a racist...

If she wasn't racists, wouldn't she just say: Whoops! I guess I got carried away... or, Oh, I hadn't realized that...

This SAME person LOVES to invoke God, country, and Jesus, and just had a baby.

Instead of replying to me, she (like a coward) writes a post about how she was "annoyed" at being called a Racist. Then, she said if people didn't like what she shared to unfriend her. Then at the VERY END, she slaps in a sentence about how "I apologize for the post".

So, which is it? Are you Sorry, in which case you're were being thoughtless and hadn't realized what you did, or are you ANNOYED about being called out for being racist?

So, I went over and asked her. So, which is it?
If you're sharing pro racism rhetoric, are you are aren't you a racist?

because for all I KNOW it COULD be a misunderstanding...

But, her lacky butt-kisser apologist friend comes over and starts spewing the same kind of thing defending her. And says if someone didn't like her opinion you couldn't call her a racist.


Because people whom are NOT RACIST never do this.

But, instead of having a mature, civil discussion, she not only unfriended me, she blocked me.

Why? Because you might ACTUALLY be a closet racist?
 If ur a racist, then own up to it. Because I need to know, and you ought to be up front, and not tip-toe around, because I don;t want to be associated with racists.

But, like a coward spaz, she blocked me.

So, after that her husband whom I've known since WAY BACK does this same cowardly thing, and posts a mindless apology/defence of her. So, I'm go over there and called it out. This time, I posted ALL of the proof to back it up at once. I've not heard a single reply.

Yes, today is THE DAY when I realized that people had been primed and brainwashed for a while, bit by bit, into Xenophobic blind, narrow minded hatred, and cultivated as closet racists for a while... and, this week was the week when it all came out.

Yesterday was a horrific day, because not only are people showing their TRUE COLORS of RACISM FULL ON NOW but also praising the deaths of innocent people.

I NEVER thought I'd LIVE to see such a day.

If you thought THAT was bad... it kept on going the entire day long, and the night, and this morning....

America has sunk into a new low.

Some Samples:

Let's start with this one. this is a popular one with Tea-baggers, gun-nuts, White Supremacists, xenophobes, racists. (Yes, I looked it up, I didn't just make it up.)

This is totally a made-up graphic. it is NOT TRUE AT ALL.

The ONLY reason you wouldn't think to CHECK would be if you're racist, bigoted, xenophobic, or Islamophobic and you LIKE this idea.

Well, it is not true AT ALL. LINK

Do you know how many times I've watched belly dance videos on YouTube from Japan by persons whom were Islamic? I lost count... You can also get Halal food in Japan of many varieties.

And, this marks yet another NEW LOW. Isolationism. Pro Isolationism...

You realized Nixon (A Republican went TO CHINA to undo THEIR Isolationism and open up their borders and markets, right? 

But, wait! It gets worse:

This was POPULAR THEME yesterday, no doubt dreamed up by Right Wing Think tanks.

So, since one group of people (whom you actually don;t care about at all) doesn't get something, you NEVER want to do ANY act of kindness ever again, unless it's in ur own special interests?

You know whom would understand what a civilian refugee's been through in a war, it ought to be a veteran...

There's just no getting around JUST how racist this TRULY IS.

It kinda looks more like a bunch of people going to a soccer stadium... But, what do I know?

Talk about False Equivalency!

NO, it's pretty heartless.... they're refugees after all...

And, yet again with the FALSE EQUIVALENCY.

And here it comes again:

 Wow. Did you think u were especially CLEVER in reusing this SAME false equivalency over and over again?

Did you post that all like:

Oh, I bet I showed them! 
Yeah! Justified my racism/xenophobia/Islamophobia! 

Did u want a medal or something? ur PROUD of being callus & cruel? Really?

Here's yet another False Equivalency:

See how they try to use your fears against you, to manipulate you? 

This is also SO STRAIT up RACIST. 

It's FLAMING racist. Full on. 

You realize this is terrorist type wording, right? 

WTF r u SO affraid of?

Muslims tend to be pretty harmless....

And then, there was THIS! It completely takes the taco! 

Strait up Pro Fascism! 

You think I'm making this up?

Have a look:

Completely radicalized, and blinded by hate, fear, prejudice.

If you DON'T know what Fascism is, I IMPLORE you to look it up RIGHT NOW. LINK

Not only that, but these person actually (after denying it it) strait up told me they thought I SHOULD become Islamaphobic, and I'd be better off.

People STRAIT up admitted they ENJOYED the deaths of their children. Including a marine.

So, this is what my life is like on FB.

If anyone HASN'T deleted, blocked, of banned me for speaking up for the right things. Once some folks came out as racists, directly or indirectly, I dumped them.

You'll never drag me down to your level deep in the cesspool....

I'm not a bigot like you, and I never will be.

This day JUST STARTED, too!

I've been up since 6:45 AM....


Edit: 2:55 PM

Well, it looks as tho' I'm NOT the only person experiencing this.

Some people, I guess, still DO EXIST that are STILL in touch with their humanity and are ALSO loosing friends left & right to this mindless propaganda of hate, racism, fear, prejudice, and Xenophobia.

I read this article and I was like: OMG! Me too!
I feel EXACTLY the same way! LINK

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