Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Closet Racism & Full On Bigotry: Stupid Shit People on my FB Feed Mindlessly Post 002

Oh, they're BACK at it AGAIN!

This has the facts skewed. Typical staw-man.

Prejudiced against a group of people based JUST on their ethnic, regional, and religious background from a standpoint of blind fear, and hate.

Also, these idiots know NOTHING about what a refugee actually is.

Also, Syed Farook conveniently omitted. The dude was AMERICAN.

There's some speculation that the woman was possibly suffering from a medical condition known as postpartum depression. And YES, women have been known to go pyscho and kill people whom are afflicted with this condition.

The guy that posted this went mental when I tried to address the issue. I thought perhaps he'd unthinkingly made a mistake. So, I wrote to him  explaining that he shouldn't stoop so low as to fall for this sort of thing. Then, I explained why.  I handled it calmly, nicely, politely, and maturely.

What happened after that was him doubling down then changing the subject as tho' to misdirect and dodge the issue.

I still replied explaining the errors of his statements.

First of all Syrians and Saudis are nothing alike. They're nowhere near the same. and, this was obviously a divisive propagandist piece using fear and terror to promote bigotry and hatred. Refugees are victims of terrorist's not terrorists themselves. Its a VERY clear distinction.

The only reason you would somehow lop them together, which makes no sense to anyone else in the world, would be if you were an ignorant bigot that was xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist full of hate and prejudice and not actual facts.

Not only that but the graphic leaves out Farook whom was an American. It's a red herring.

On top of that he throws in these statements about the president which have no corrilation at all unless you were a racist.

Now, if you weren't a racist, you wouldn't have racists ideas, you wouldn't have racists opinions, and you wouldn't do, say, think, or promote racist things. Not only that, but if you WERE NOT a racist and u posted racists things and someone addressed the issue as a friend to question it, you would actually listen, and you would feel bad and sorry.

He still kept dodging the issue, or changing the subject, and claimed I didn;t know what I was talking about.

See... when you do that, I prove what I'm talking about. I had a valid argument & point and he didn't.

So, I refuted everything, gave the proof, made the case and showed him up.

I was still being light about it... and originally, I didn't even want to get involved with this until I saw the comment by another person on this post... So, I know what it's like to be the lone person speaking reason when it's unpopular.

Not only that but this guy had been harassing me since he went out of his way to find me on FB in 2012. At first he was more towards the left, but eventually he started veering right wing over time...

The ironic thing was this was a person I personally knew since high school. and, he was nothing like this then, and seemed smarter then, so it put me off that he would do things without thinking...

and YES, this is a white male. It seems that white males in the USA once they've hit the age of 30 seem to go to the dark side and become sexist, racist, and  its starts subtlety, and they're closet racists, until it bubbles up and they become full on. Some are STILL in denial, where as others start to own up to it.... weird that they never "see the light" and "change their ways".

So, once I called addressed it and I restated the points, and called him out on his inconsistency instead of firing back right away SINCE HE HAD NO VALID POINTS NOR ARGUMENTS AND WAS CLEARLY MAKING A FOOL OVER HIMSELF AND WOULDN'T ADMIT WRONG, SEE REASON, AND WAS INCREDIBLY NARROW MINDED ON THE ISSUE, HE STAYED QUIET BECAUSE HE WAS BUSTED... but, he would come back later and try to spin it another way.

Now, this is what annoys the shit out of me!

These idiots want to blame being called racists as "PC Police" and try to say people are too caught up in being politically correct.... then turns it because he wants people to be politically correct to HIM!

political correctness was an old-school conservative approach to counter what was called "the culture war" often to criticize how young people had long hair, used slang, or were too flamboyant and unrestrained like rock stars whom could be rude, or hippies whom had orgies. It was to keep unkept people out of running for office, or to discredit wild things.

 By the 1980s and into the 1990s when it really caught on, political correctness was just being respectful, polite, fair, and hearing different sides of points of view and treating all people and opinions with respect, unless they were out of bounds, then you address the issue and discuss it, and everyone comes to terms with it. The point was to reduce the effect of offending people. It was about fairness.

Well, this guy, whom couldn't care less about being fair to any issue, nor refugees based on prejudice and wild speculations out of cowardice and no facts at all, had the gall to tell me that I wasn't being fair to him, that he'd be fair to me, and tries to spin the whole thing like he was some victim, meanwhile he was BUSTED. He was victimizing Syrian Refugees, through the entire nation of Saudi Arabia under the bus, through the President under the bus based on whatever prejudice he mentally had, and promoted bigotry.

How fair is that to people you don't even know?

Oh, that's right! It isn't fair! It's prejudice!

U have the GALL to want people to treat YOU politically correct and be tolerant of YOUR hatred but u can't tolerate facts, or people different from u?

At this point, I realized he didn't give a shit about the facts, because he was so narrow minded in his hate and vitriol, as tho' somehow his view of himself was better than everyone.

So, I called him out on this.

Either u realize u did something by mistake, and your sorry, ergo you're not actually racist but you did something without thinking it through. Or, you're a closet racist.

So which are you?

He was silent still for a while,

But, then he got angry that I called him out on being a racist or a bigot.

He was angry about this.

So, again, I made the case.
You discriminated on people based on their nationality, race, religion, and prejudice.

Come-on! Ur busted! So, which is it?

U can't refute it when ur guilty.

They get SO ANGRY when you call them out on it.

He kept denying it, dodging it, changing the subject.

He wanted to spin it like it was about freedom of speech.

Well, that's an INTERESTING POINT!

Yes. You HAVE the right to FREE SPEECH! Including RACISM and HATE SPEECH. if you WANT to promote racism, and RACIST ideas, that's BECAUSE YOU ARE RACIST. So, you have that right to do that (altho' it's against FB's rules on FB) but if ur promoting racists propaganda then WHY are you upset about owning up to BEING a racist if you ARE ONE?

I told him he needed to "do some soul searching". I told him to let go of his hate and to really self evaluate.

He went quiet again....

Then, he tried to restate is AGAIN but instead of trying to wriggle out of the fact that he's being racists as "free speech" now he was like "well, it's my opinions, and if you don't like it, you can unfriend me."

So, once he did this, the kid gloves were OFF!

Honestly, at this point, I KNEW this guy was not only a Closet Racist, but a FULL ON RACIST & BIGOT, and STILL in DENIAL about it.


WHY would you have racists opinions if ur NOT a racist?

Do non-racists persons have racists opinions????


And, he STILL denied he was a racist after that.

This his little, ignorant lacky bitch suck-up came in to try and do some spin... this chcick CLEARLY had NO IDEA what the hell she was talking about!

So, I ripped into her.

That was SO EASY. TOO easy. What a moron!

She also tried to spin it like it was somehow claiming "free speech" and "opinion" somehow nullifies all racism from being racism...


Oh, here's THE MOST COMMON excuses people use to avoid admitting they're racist:

I'm not a racist because:

* I have black (or insert ethnic group here) friends
       (Really, why don't u make ur racists rants n posts SET TO PUBLIC? tag ur "black friends" right now, and let's see what THEY have to say about things you say) 
* I work with diverse people
      (Really? How about u MAKE THIS POST SET TO PUBLIC and tag ur coworkers and ur boss, and lets see what they think.)
* I fucked a person of a different ethnicity than me
* I get a boner when I look at Beyonce' (therefore I can say and do anything racists and I'm scot-free from ever actually being a racists so don't call me that)
* I have Michael Jackson albums (Therefore I can say racists stereotypes without thinking and use derogatory words and statements and it doesn't count as racism)
* I watch Westley Swipes and Will Smith movies (so whenever I say something racist it doesn't count)
* I eat international foods
* Ono of my relatives/ancestors is Native American or Latino (so somehow they can discriminate on anyone and it doesn't count)

Here's another common one to dodge it:

I'm not racist, BUT _______________ (then says something based on stereotypes, fears, prejudice, and is full on racist... however, they might try to either say it in a calm voice like that makes it better, or they're in a WILD LOUD RANT)

I was actually VERY CIVIL when i first started this, but HE started doing "name calling" and then accused me. I called him out on how he now had no moral high ground. But, by the time the gloves came off, I ripped into him, and his lil' bitch with full on snark.

Instead of going the way I had been going, I was incredibly sarcastic. Something he actually THOUGHT he was somehow good at... until I pulled out THE SNARK.

and, when he tried to leverage the relationship as something to use like a bargaining chip to never question anything, I realized I did NOT want to be friends with this person.

But, instead of ME being the one to make that move first, I wanted to see how much he would take. He kept saying he was done talking, or it was a waste of time... and would go quiet, but also adding in a whole bunch on nonsense.

So, when people SAY they're DONE and they won't say/type anymore, or that its a waste of time, I often go full on and refute it in full, because I figure they'll ignore it, but anyone else whom might see it could see the facts, and see how he was behaving.

But, they can;t help it! They read at least some of it, which makes them look even more bad.

I wanted to drive this jerk to either admit he was a racist, or to delete me, because he was too much of a punk ass coward little bitch. usually when people try to threaten ending a relationship its because they're afraid you will, or because they're too cowardly. Honestly, I wondered WHY he hadn't already deleted me because it dragged on for hours...

well, his little bitch put in her -2cents since she's got marbles missing also... she also called me a feminist like somehow that meant something to here, which had NOTHING to do with the topics, and clearly had no clue what a feminist was. This ignorant bint was like: oh just delete her.

So, I called her a hypocrite that defends racism and bigotry, even tho' she denied it and said she was standing up for his free speech and opinions... yeah free speech about racism & bigotry which no one is attacking but calling out ur denial of being a racist.

I don't WANT to be connected with racists. No thank you.

So, I ripped in.

They did the whole ad hominem which is typical of ignorant people whom have no valid argument so they attack you instead. Then they accuse you of being stupid, and not not what your talking about, even tho' you've demonstrated you actually know way more, make valid point and pose question that they won;t even answer.

So, I pinned him on that. Why don't u answer the question?
Just own up to it.

Then, finally, he deleted me.

Bye bitch!

I really don't need these types of persons connected to me. I TRY to talk sense to them. I'm reached out to them. And, I'm really good about it. But, they escalate this to madness!

At this point in my life. I'm just done with them.

I cannot be friends with people whom have the same ideas as the KKK, or Neo Nazis.
It reflects badly upon me.

I suggest you start to call them out as well.

I feel completely RELIEVED to have rid myself of this person....

During that exchange, this punk seemed to refer to himself as some kind of outspoken person. Funny how the internet gives people this false sense of being somehow larger than life, or brave.

His lil' lacky there was like this guy has been outspoken for a long time.

Honestly I knew this punk before she did. I went to HIGH SCHOOL with this punk.

We had the SAME Social Studies classes, the SAME English classes and read all the same novels together.

This punk was NO OUTSPOKEN ANYTHING. He was a mousy, quiet, little guy.

I was the bold person. I got bullied a lot but I always stayed true to myself and dressed how I wanted. This guy would run away from any sign of a conflict.

If this guy was SO BOLD and OUTSPOKEN, then how come I have NO MEMORY of it whatsoever?

That's right! 



I think at first he was a a coward to delete me sooner because he often trolled my FB wall.

This guy harassed me a lot the last 2 years.... much of it was subtle punk-ass, shady stuff... pushing that line. Which was probably WHY I put up with him.

He has his ass handed to him earlier this week when some of my friends refuted him while I was working.

Altho' some folks think he had some kind of mis-placed crush issues on me... I seriously doubt that. Let's NOT even go there. I'm kind old now....

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