Monday, April 29, 2013

A Philosophical Pondering: Integrity VS. Material Success; Fate & Destiny

U know what?
I had a thought...

What if the real purpose of my life (our lives) wasn't really to be "successful" in the sense that we think?
(usually when we say that, we mean career wise, "The American Dream", and materially)

Because when u think (even philosophically) about "fate" or "destiny", then that all seems like a sham, or a farce...

Maybe... just maybe... the real purpose in life wasn't that at all... because, really, what's the point? Even if you just get stuff, then what? More stuff? U're just going to pass away anyway... and then what?

Perhaps, what if it's really about is living life with integrity?
What if it's about REALLY being TRUE to yourself, WHO YOU REALLY ARE, Your Heart, Your Humanity, your actions about ur fellow human beings, the world you live in/on, what you contribute, help, speak-up/stand-up for, and what you leave behind... even if no one remembers ur name.

Because if that is what "fate" or "destiny" was for me, as a sort of "lesson" or "test", whether "spiritually" or philosophically, then I'm TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT.

To TRY, but not JUST to try, but hopefully to LIVE (if not strive) for INTEGRITY is something I could live with. If THAT is destiny or fate for me, then OK. Not only can a I live with that, I could DIE happily with that.

No, seriously.

If I were on my deathbed, and this was my last day, I'd be fine with that. Because I think I really DID try. (because I've endured the aftermaths of so many that turned their backs on their humanity)  It's my regrets that I'm always trying to compensate or make up for.

I find the whole concept rather comforting, really.


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