Friday, May 17, 2013

My Medical Recovery Whoahs: Week #1

Week #1

Last week, on Thursday, I had a triple surgery. I had a deviated septum, which had to be fixed. My sinuses git surgically "cleaned", and my tonsisl got removed.

My specialist doctor:

Peter S. Ambrus, MD, PC
A multi award wining physician.

The surgery took place at the Quincy Medical Center, and got delayed... On the paperwork they told me I could drink up to a certain amount of clear liquid the morning of surgery, so I had a quick, cup of hot water with a chamomile teabag that I barely even steeped, and no sugar. 

Plus, my paperwork had conflicting times that told me when to be in the Medical Center for Surgery.

1 paper said 10:45, another said 10:30, and I had a letter that said 10:35. I planned to be there by 10 AM.

But, they called me at 9AM, and asked me why I wasn't there. The papers didn't say that, and my pre-op visit didn't communicate that to me either. So much information thrown at me at once. I have a stack of papers...

I was told the delay would be 2 hours, but it was much longer.

After surgery, I was wheeled into a operation recovery room. Never saw the surgeon, because he left.

Then, different women (nurses) came to talk to me, all handing me something different.

In the papers I was handed a folded up bunch of papers, and in it were paper clipped 2 blue prescription papers. NOT 3.

I didn't know that I was supposed to have 3, plus, I was still on anesthesia. So, as the nurse suggested I go over the paper, I did, I noticed 1 of the papers told me to take augmenten, which is an antibiotic, yet in the paper clip there was NO such paper. I even tried to ask a nurse, but they acted is if clueless or I wasn't making any sense, but also told me that the doctor left and no one could write the prescription.

But, since I already had some augmenten for the infection I was already treating left, I figured, well maybe that's what he meant.

I even discussed this with my husband.

On Tuesday, I went to the Post-op visit and told this to the doctor. But, instead of apologizing, he spinned it back on me and blamed me for it saying that I must've misplaces the prescription, and it was MY fault, and he kept saying "Well, I wrote the prescription."

How is it my fault that I just got out of surgery, was on anesthesia when some nurses handed me papers, with 2 blue prescription papers paper-clipped onto the white papers, and NOT 3?
Explain to me how I MUST'VE logically misplaced them?

I looked, and looked, and I even asked.

At this point, I'm very very perplexed, and confused.
See, I'm on medications... so, I, of course, question myself...
But, from now on, I want to keep my spouse with me at all times, because I want to be sure it's not just me being paranoid... But, I just don;t feel like I'm getting treated as good as I could be..

I'm perplexed, because at times Dr. Ambrus can be very nice, and likable.

What do you think?

Am I being unreasonable?

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