Friday, April 19, 2013

UPDATED 04 29 2013: Allegedly Where To Get Free LiteCoin

UPDATE: 4/29/2013

OK, these claims are ALL TOTALLY BUNK! 
So far I haven't received a SINGLE LiteCoin from any of these sites! DON'T Waste YOUR TIME!

Allegedly Where To Get Free LiteCoin...

According to some websites you can get LiteCoin for free...

I've been using these sites, which were recommended, but so far I haven;t gotten a single decimal.

But, here they are so far:

* LiteCoiner

* Can Has LiteCoin

I will update whether any of these actually pay-out, or not.

If someone would be so kind as to help me out with LiteCoin Pool mining, with an account and password that isn't already shut down, I would appreciate that. 

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