Friday, April 19, 2013

Getting Free BitCoin UPDATED 04 28

* (Updated 04/28/2013)
Getting or Earning FREE BitCoin is REALLY EASY! (BTC, uBTC, or mBTC)

It's SOOOO easy that my 9-year-old daughter does it too!

(Beware, some FREE BitCoin sites are SO NSFW, R-Rated, or X-Rated, so be careful!)

* Fist you need to get a BitCoin/BTC wallet, and synch it!

That can take about 2-3 days, or longer if keep turning off your computer at night.

Tips: DO NOT download or use smartphone wallet apps! 
Waste of your time, and money!

Also, NEVER fully trust a website as your wallet. They could crash, or go under, or suddenly become as greedy as MF Global, and rob ur account. Since BTC isn't regulated, you could loose out!

I and my daughter use THIS wallet.

Install the wallet, it will start synching, and you will have to wait in line with all the blocks to synch. Try setting up your wallet to always open and stay in your tray (Windows users) so you don;t always have to go finding it and starting over manually.

After you get your wallet, if you want to buy BitCoin, you can. There's no shortage of places.

Many people like sites like:

* Mt. Gox
* BlockChain

But, surely, you are reading this because you would like some FREE BitCoin!

There are SOOOO many now, that I am finding it hard to keep up!

Try bookmarking this blog post, because I will surely be updating this as frequently as I can, because there's always new ones popping up!

The Best Free BitCoin Sites:

#1 BitVisitor 
#2 CoinVisitor
#3 CoinTube (Sometimes R-Rated)
#4 BitCoin4You (BEWARE: NSFW & X-Rated)
#5 Earn Free BitCoin 

Other Free BitCoin Sites:

* Can Has BitCoin
* Coin Ticket
* Coin Ad 
* BitHits
* Free Coins Hero Kaupp
* El BitCoins Gratis
* BitCoin4.Me
* BitCoin Tree
* FausetBTC 
* NetLookup
* Daily BitCoins
* BitCoin Dispenser

I will update this when I find more.

I've found so many that I am having trouble keeping track of them!

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