Wednesday, December 9, 2015

(Rated NC-17) Full On Racism + Sexism Bigotry on Instagram

Honestly, WHAT is this world coming to?

I'm not bothered nor shocked that this is obviously pornography on Instagram which is against the rules. I'm not shocked by nudity or sexuality, altho' when it's unwanted sexual content, I hate it.

Honestly when I look at this, at first I just see 2 persons engaged in coitus. Whatever. Not anything I haven't even seen...

I would've just kept looking for other things whne I was searching for something unrelated and this guy came up...

The new stereotype with white males 30 years and older is this new trend in racism, and bigotry whether subtle, closeted, or full on, yet often in denial...

But, I noticed there was texts perked my curiosity. What does it say that this pale skinned dude has felt so compelled to share it. I figured it was just male hormones. Maybe something about getting some tail... I dunno....

So, I read it.

Holy shit balls!

The fact that this guy had darker skin didn't even phaze me, to the point that I didn't even notice. Honestly I always felt having more color to the skin on a male made him more sexually attractive, like at least a sun tan, or maybe an olive tone.

Women usually describe man they're attracted to as "tall, dark, and handsome" still to this day. And, I feel somehow the presence of the sight of his skin being not so pale seemed to enhance your high or climax when your younger and your hormones make you more attracted and open to casual sex like you're genetically programmed to be. But, I feel its so common for women to date men of all colors in my country. It's just so normal that it's not even an issue.

What wasn't shocking here was the sex, or the porn, nor it being 2 persons of different skin colors.  It wasn;t abnormal at all.

But, when I read the texts I was gobsmacked!

WTF did i just read????

People seem to sink to NEW LOWS constantly!

The graphic tells some kind of story of some chick on her prom ditching her prom date to hook up with a 1/4 back football player.

Teens doing off the wall sex things is not anything shocking. it's what teenagers apparently do, because a ton of teen I knew in high school did wild stupid things very similar around prom, like gang bangs which to us was shocking in 1997 or 1998, but I knew people from other high schools that were even crazier, and including my younger brother's generation that graduated after mine.

Honestly, who cares? The following year in college they're all gonna have sex with each other anyway, pretty much, because all the tabboos  will be out the window...

But, this graphic berates this girl for having sex with a black man, as tho' she's somehow ruined forever. WTF???

Not only is this OVERTLY and EXTREMELY RACIST, it's SEXIST to the MAX!

Not only that, but he "thinks it's funny".


Oh, but it gets worse! Another guy at church sent it to him while he was IN CHURCH!

And, he wanted to tell everyone THAT!


And, the commenters thought it was humorous also!

This clearly sexist and racist graphic (which I think is just a fictional story) is FUNNY? This is Comedy to you, to be mocked??? REALLY????


This isn't even subtle! Not in the least!

It's all about you, huh?

Whatever. I hope this chick had the time of her life, and it's a story she can brag about when she's old! Obviously whomever made this stupid graphic was FUCKING JEALOUS and has Freudian penis Envy. I hope this dude rocked her world! Go get it girl!

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