Saturday, May 18, 2013

Selling Used Panties Websites: Sham

I saw on the news tonight this whole thingy about selling your used panties.

But, as I looked into it, it just seemed like they didn't really do their research, and haven't tried it, and don't know anyone who does, and are basing their presentation of the news in their coverage based JUST on what the websites are marketing themselves as.

The top sites, come up and totally self aggrandize themselves and make it sounds as tho' selling your used panties is easy, and that "you can make real money". All the while with those same old tired advertizing tricks (and yeah I'm a student of advertizing since the 90s) of showing a hot model with a wad of cash. I can tell u that NO job I've EVER had through the internet has EVER paid out like that.

I did once have a business where I made big money doing charcoal & pastel portraits in the mall, and after a LONG December of being overworked, and exhausted, yeah, we had wads & stacks of cash... but, those days are long gone...

So, it sounded simple... like I said... U have ur old used panties, maybe u even have a photo, or tell some story, and some guy on the internet finds it interesting and u can sell ur panties... the most common theoretical thing people brought up in the news or on blogs (even tho' they had NEVER actually done it) was "Oh, an extra $10."

Honestly, can u even buy NEW panties at that price? So, if I have $40 panties, and sell them just because I wore them and it was somehow arousing to a man, that's some how "good money" or "extra money"?

No, it's not!

But, it's also NOT THAT SIMPLE!

Let me tell you, I'm a businessman... I've been selling things for years, online, in malls, conventions, and private sales... I've even sold discrete artistic nudes of myself in the past, or even been paid to model nude for artist sketching, or photography, or just webcam... artful, tasteful... 

-and, yeah, I've even given worn panties as gifts of favors to men, when I was younger.

But, these so-called top sites (Yeah! They're top sites, just go ahead, and ask them! I'm sure they'll tell you!) won;t even let you inspect their goods, their seller, their buyers, their communities, etc.

Like I said, I'm a businessman, I want to see WHO is selling, WHAT they are selling, WHO the top sales persons are. But, NO, you can't see that. No, you MUST pay just to LOOK at that.

So, is this a market, or is it just closet porn? 

Even E-bay doesn't do that! 

1 site I went to had 3 levels of membership... but, yet they swore that it was simple, easy, and you can make good money... Oh, really? where's the proof? Funny, 'cause I can;t see any... unless I pay you.

This whole idea that selling your panties for $10 is somehow a good marketing idea is obviously made by someone whom knowns nothing about business...

Now, since I just had surgery, I'm out of work, and I've been unemployed for a long time now. I'm on foostamps...

The idea of selling my used panties, at 1st, sounded appealing... I know how men are... even friendly types... men, like weird things like used panties from some woman... it's a guy thing... but, then again, people pay big dollars for used jersies from Basketball players, or clothing worn by athletes in major league games...

But, if just to LOOK at the entirety of the websites costs me money, I loose money right there, and if it costs $20 for a whole month, then if u sell ur panties at $10, you lost money right there... and, eventually, even if your panties are selling, your gonna run out of them. So, are you even making a profit to buy new ones?

Now, where the heck would that money even come from? My foodstamps? (like that couldn't even work... it wouldn't)

No, you WON'T make money! You will LOOSE money!

But, that's what sites like this are counting on: Your gullibility!

Honestly, if I were to sell my used panties, I'd sell them privately, NOT through a 3rd party as much as possible, person to person, directly.

I'm no longer going to be suckered by these charlatans ...
 But, hey, look... it's a free market...

I do have a bundle of panties I'm not using (that I have used) and yeah, I need moneys... so, if there is a gentleman interested in purchasing any of my panties to help out a woman suffering from surgical recovery all month, let me know privately, respectfully, and discretely.
I say "Gentleman" and that I DO NOT MEAN a rude, crude, perverted jerk that doesn't know how to address nor talk to a woman.

Altho', I'm sure, most likely no one at all will want to buy anything from me... but, whatever... 


  1. Hi! I have been a provider for five years, also having an advice site ( up since 2010. If you Google the site, you'll see some things written about it by third parties that I have criticized much along the lines as you have here in your post.

    A lot of sites, and their owners/admin/management, do depend on the gullibility of others!

    I have written extensively on the subject of myths in the niche (often about the notion that you need to (especially pay someone to be) be verified, but did make a video about the precise subject of this post:

    I did a brief stint selling on an auction site, but for the bulk of my time online have remained independent. My advice site was formed with the intent of conveying independence. I agree that ladies are better off not having anyone between themselves and buyers. As a business/advertising person, would you mind elaborating more on why you feel not having someone or an entity in the middle is preferred?

    Thank you!

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