Thursday, March 14, 2013

BlogCatalog Sham

BlogCatalog was recommended to me as a FREE "community" and a great place for people to be interactive, as well as a good blog directory. However, they never seem to actually review your content UNLESS, I guess, you PAY THEM.

I'm NOT a spammer, I'm NOT doing PORN, I'm NOT a BOT.I read the directions (multiple times).

But, oh... "verify" this. "We can't verify it." Well, MAYBE, if you would answer me... maybe if you would, YOU KNOW... STOP blowing me OFF, maybe we could get to the bottom of this.... Ya think?

I read their directions, I tried multiple times. But, each time, I just would get the same VAGUE "cookie-cutter" decline reply.
NO answer, nothing.

If I e-mailed them. No answer.

If I tweeted the, they would again just blow me off:

Always just: I'll deal with you in the AM... and NEVER do....

If anyone tells your it's both free AND great. It's not true. Truth is, THEY WANT MONEY!

The Team

Antony Berkman / CEO

Angelica Alaniz / President 

Emilio Silvas / Lead Developer 

John Forch / Advisor



Contact Information

7127 Eckhert Road
Suite 209
San Antonio TX 78238

It is BUNK. Instead of ACTUALLY dealing with me, you know... LIKE A HUMAN BEING (GOD FORBID), as in PERSON TO PERSON... for, you know... FREE, like it's allegedly FREE, THEY KICKED ME OFF!


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