Monday, March 2, 2015

What is up with DRESSES the past 2 weeks????

About a a week ago there was this dress by Reem Arca that people went NUTS over on Instagram:

Then, it was THE DRESS that blew up the internet last week, and wouldn't go away.

I could go on about this, because people were idiots and fought over this thing... but, apparently everyone sees this dress differently. I gotta tell ya, I see it as a White dress with brown lace that has a bronze & gold shift. My daughter says it looks blue, and my spouse says it looks black. Whatever... It's NOT WORTH FIGHTING OVER.

And NOW.... it's this douchey painter guy whom lied to President Bill Clinton and said he fraudulently painted a shadow of a dress in his official painting.

Will there be MORE stories about dresses at this rate???

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