Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015, Revenue, and Facebook

I noticed I had a few unfinished typed drafts to this blog, that I never got around to finish, and I can't even recall what I was writing about. Some, I had to delete, because I lost all the source materials, or have completely forgotten what my point was.
*le sigh*

As I have been mentioning on my other blogs, I have been totally rebuilding my blogs. I am actually much more satisfied with my programmer/scripting since I started doing this last month. I never thought I would EVER say, write, or even THINK that because I feel my programming skills are often stinky.

Well, I have expanded my ad revenue horizons, and increased my revenue stream potential(s). I have also ACTUALLY been approved to some blog directories now! YES! FOR REAL! Can you believe that????

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Also, something I've frequently mentions on my other blogs was how INSANE 2014 was.

Currently, I kind of HATE going onto Facebook. I feel like when I'm on there that I'm so uncomfortable. people have become so easily brainwashed, belligerent, insensitive and stuck in a bubble. I also get accosted with too much perverts. And, of the few people that still frequent facebook, they often flip-flop about what they mean, or which stance they are on... and, many are so shell-shocked from the craziness of life that they are often loosing their mind from rage, despair, etc. That, and also the fact that FB reads & monitors your private messages to sell ads to you, or to other third parties.

And, by selling you ads, it's not the same as the ads here. I mean they constantly "SELL" ideas, propaganda... BE THIS. DO THIS. BE LIKE THIS. JOIN THIS GROUP. YOU NEEEEED THIIIISSS THIIIIING!!! FEEL INADEQUATE!


The ads I do business with, whether by Google Adsense contracting, Amazon Affiliate contracting, and/or other affiliates contracting it's just an ad. Like a simple billboard, banner, poster... they're often like decorations. They're created hopeful to generate "impulse buys", or "impulse clicks". The ads I use are good, but they are not so overtly oppressive, even if I have several. They are at least tasteful, refined, and within reason. If you go to a Chinese website, like a Chinese message board, the ads are so IN YOUR FACE, they are distracting, they flash, make noises, interrupt you, annoy you. I HATE THOSE. But, then, when you go onto Facebook, there are all these ads, constantly that you don;t realize.... it's sneaky. They are on the side. they are by "organizations" posing as a group, or fanpage, when they are actually paid by some propogandist think tank... you might laugh or scoff at my pointing this out, and say: Kandice, i think your exagerating, or overdoing it...

Really? There's the little ones on the side, and they say subtle things... and use ideas, or words, or colors to help you to somewhat notice them.... words like "liberty", "freedom", or whatever issues, or interests you have.... then, other things start to sneak in... the stuff you hate. but, then, it's like those things start merging, and over a long time, you've become duped, or lulled into the things you hated.... without realizing it, you've been duped, or re-trained... or brainwashed.

Or, the tricky Dicks with the trick of making you think that ad ad to a petition about something your against, is actually a petition in favor of what you disagree with... but, you wouldn't know if you didn't read it, and just blindly and "faithfully" went along with it, thinking you were doing some good...

Then, your feed becomes a tool to grab ur attention, and remold the malliableness of your mind.

And, then you can no longer read, nor see the things which mattered to you before... not be connected to those you loved... and instead the feed is full of article after article from things you never even subscribed to... never liked.

And, the people whom you loved, you now need to go out of your way to keep up with....

Then, once their content finally starts to show in your feed, your realize that the propogandists have already gotten to them. *out of breath*

The sensible folks whom were very intelligent, common sense, educated, bright... now..... they are indoctrinated... Persons whom you PERSONALLY KNEW FOR YEARS, or over a DECADE. or grew up with, worked with, went to school or classes with... Things these same individuals said they would NEVER BE, NEVER BE LIKE, and NEVER EVER DO..... and NOW, they are totally consumed in the propaganda. totally brainwashed... and so much so, that they cannot even see it, and have a common sense discussion about it, will make you loose your friendships with everyone...

Persons whom claim they don't like rumors, conjecture, hear-say, gossip, or nonsense based without fact, actually HATE FACTS, but prefer cult-like "truths" instead, and engage in the spread of the propaganda as well. They have fallen for it all.  They are unwilling to analyze, evaluate, re-evaluate, and consider things for what they are, nor make sensible comparisons.

So..... that is why I am uncomfortable with Facebook these days...
The reasons I was originally on there, and also was incredibly popular from about 2007-2010 are just not there anymore... Once it seemed that FB could be used for good, like The Arab Spring, and Occupy, it seems as tho' that same ability to do so had been used to promote the opposition, which pays for it with money, unlike the former which was free and motivated by truth, liberties, human rights, and common sense.

I am tired of it...

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Anyways, I am actually becoming rather popular on Instagram again.  You can find me HERE.

I have also started some new blogs. Find all my blogs HERE.

My main twitter profile is @BlackUniGryphon but due to some pending funds issues, which have been stuck with quite a lot of perpetual delays, It's possible that it could temporarily be set to private or shut down for an unknown extended period for legal reasons potentially. The matter is such a liquid issue of flux, that I cannot predict the time-frame, much to my frustration.

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