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The Kinds of Brainwashed Bigotry in My Daily Facebook Feed (Americans)

The Kinds of Brainwashed Bigotry in My Daily Facebook Feed (Americans)


It's the year 2015, and Facebook NOW is probably my least favorite social media venue out there.


because of just how BRAINWASHED and Psychotic people have become.

The SAME EXACT people whom I used to socialize with daily, that I knew since high school, childhood, college, or around that time. Generation X, and all that. people whom once self professed to being "spiritual not religious", and "open minded". The persons whom used to say "I'll never be like THOSE people!"

Remember back in 2008? "Hope" and "Change", or "Change You Can Believe In", all Obama supporters, Obama voters... and yeah, I get it, Obama broke his promises... But, the SAME people that were scared about GW Bush, and made fun of the John McCaine crazy base. Folks that watched The Daily Show, The Matrix, Fight Club, Saturday Night Live, and participated in social media movements like the precursors to 'Occupy Wall Street", and "The Arab Spring", whether Egypt, Iran, and several other protests, like Spain.

Back then, I was rather popular... and no, I'm not hurt because I'm on any sort of popularity withdrawal crash n burn... no, I've been in and out of online fame so many times, I couldn't care less.

It used to be the stupid senile folks in the baby boomer demographics that did the stupid stuff, about half of the time, but t some point they just got so suckered into the brainwashing. I could tell that facebook was filtering things before it came out.

This exact same "free" social media venue was once proudly a platform to organize, set things strait, inform, and mobilize people, or explain things.... now, it's just a tool to either brainwash or divide people.

Now, the folks in my generation are just as brainwashed. The young people also no longer come to facebook. Yes, that means I'm getting old.

My daily feed consists of racism, militant propaganda, pro violence, sexism, greed, snide indifference, and hate. Gone are the days when yuppies would show off their brand new brand name gadgets, or name brand high end purses and shoes, or stereo equipment.

No. Now people boast about who can be more racist, and show off their new guns. Plural.
People whom I'd once known to be smart, intelligent, level headed and open minded... now sucked into these made-up hyper religiosity, and pro war faux patriotism unquestioning.

They boast about how snide they are to berate the powerless, the homeless, the people on food stamps, and most especially those whom dis black folks, especially victims, yet are in total denial about being racist. They attract rape victims, not just woman now, but also male victims. They boast about how brutalizing children (corporal punishment) is just so great "and I turned out just fine" sort of come-backs. No, ya didn't turn out fine, you think it's OK to assault and batter a child, and you use the Bible to convince yourself its fine even tho' you actually never read the scriptures at all.

And you think that I AM THE CRAZY PERSON?

The same folks wriggle out of any sensible discussion, and act as tho' I'm somehow attacking them, when they avoid answering simple legit questions.... Gee.... I can't imagine why...

Every day is a reminder that not only am I an unloved person, but they also don't actually even love themselves... I've sat back and watched people loose their friggin' MINDS! Just, off their rockers! These were people I knew, loved, cared about...

-and sure, there were some folks that either deleted/unfriended me, or even those whom up and targeted me, every friggin' day with full on malice, just to see what I would do.... and after a year or more of that, sure, I had to give them the ax. (metaphorically, I mean)

Then, when people i knew were really down on their luck, life, existence, illness, grief, and more, who swoops in? The religious vultures... altho' in their mind, they don;t view themselves that way. They are "doing God's work" in their minds, just like they were brainwashed to do, and carry out. And, that was how it started.... so, these seemingly sweet, helpful religious folks, whom pray over you (and prey on you) of give you some food, and exploit people whom I loved repeating over and over their propagandist lines, like a move out of the playbook of Bolsheviks, and the Nicene Creed, they leverage the poor downtrodden person whom is helpless, weak, unsupported, and in deep need, and start to "convert" (brainwash) their victim.

Oh, look how good we have been to you. God has brought us to you. No one cares about you but us. and, the never ending barrage of the proselytizing solicitation.

Look, I'm partially Native American,so I KNOW how these tactics work. I had to write reports about this stuff in Middle School, and High School, as well.

Then, once you've been assimilated, your own uniqueness can become manipulated, your actions can be altered, shaped, changed, formed....

Not only that, but there's the religious fads as well... It is so fake, and persons whom I KNOW personally, and they are just faking. I gag, or choke when I see this stuff.

This has all happened slowly over time, bit by bit, and I started to notice it around 2011 and 2012.

By 2013 and 2014 it just became overwhelming. I recall just being so baffled at this all. HOW CAN THIS BE?

What, pray tell, has happened to EVERYONE?

Nice people were now villains. Bosses I once had looked up to and were responsible upstanding adults, and sensible were now like maniacs on this hegemony racist stint, and anti-intellectual.

I thought: Is this real? Is this actually happening?

Persons whom had once been very friendly and funny, now tagged me to pick fights with me. And, anything I would say that was a well made point or case meant nothing to them because why???? because I didn't have a PAYCHECK? I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!

If I wasn't in a Union I could somehow NOT EVER BE CORRECT ABOUT ANYTHING about unions, even if, and WHEN, I showed proof... nope... And, when calling this out, they're like: "Huh?"

So, then, what was I supposed to do? Not have friends at all anymore?

I'm so incredibly lonely, you have no idea. and THAT is NOT healthy.

Nothing intelligent, altruistic, nor sensible thing I had to contribute was of any interest to anyone... just my cleavage... hence, I don't often show myself other than my head, if at all....

Well, 2015 is the mother-load of all out Prejudice and HATE.

Here's one I saw many times scrolling through my feed in mid-March.


This one equates the the needy to animals, by attacking the POWERLESS, and even has a NAZI-like eugenics flare at the end.

These were even shared by persons I knew in high school whom had the audacity to call themselves "pro-life".
If i went back in time and showed their teenaged self this, they wouldn't believe me that their future self would be so heartless, snide and racist.

Oh really? Got the evidence RIGHT HERE!
It gets worse I know folks whom shared these whom MANY TIMES benefited from social programs, tax payer funding, and social services...

It's strait of bigotry, hypocrisy, and ignorance.

Here's another one. 

This one just about crushed me. I lost track of how many of these I saw on my Facebook feed:

This one gets passed around with this snide, smug, prejudice.... you know, this was a money making scheme by a crooked Governor, right? I'm sure you SHOULD know, because I'd been sharing the articles about it FOR YEARS, and even got "LIKES" klicks on them by these SAME individuals...

This is yet another INCREDIBLY Racist one. Some people are MORONS, and some folks are just willfully malicious. This whole "Welfare Queen" myth came from Reagan in the 80s, and Clinton cracked down on so many trumped up phony issues making it so incredibly difficult just to get ANY social service.

Really, YOU earned my Food Stamps? Fuck you!
I ran my own businesses several times over, and I paid taxes you've never even heard of. I PAID MY TAXES, and you don't even know the difference between a subprime mortgage debacle and a derivative naked swap, a Depression VS. a Recession!

You're just punitively maniacal, vice driven, malicious bullies hiding behind a paycheck and status "symbols". You're now "just another brick in the wall".

Congratulations! NOT! 

Oh, and with THAT, I have one FINAL thing to say:

Back when the USA had a strong Middle Class, everyone took it for granted what wealth really was. The Middle Class was wealth, but people confused the money with the wealth.

When you have so much, you just GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE and it's like nothing, because you have so much. When I lived in China, people used to tell stories about how kind and GENEROUS Americans and "People From The West" were. Out currencies were worth more, and we had a higher standard of living.

Well, right now, the wealthiest nations with the wealthiest citizens are Islamic ones. Ever heard of Saudi Arabia? if you actually knew ANYTHING about Saudis, they generally don't work, and get paid government salary based on oil revenue. A big Welfare nation, just like many Islamic nations live. I'm personally fed up with Ismalaphobia, and Islamaphobic memes that people repeat over and over, because Saudis, in my own experience were very nice folks.

Well, how about this:

Oh, and guess what! 


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