Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Sign of The Times Music Video Art Oddity Motifs

2014 Sign of The Times Music Video Art Oddity Motifs

In case you haven't noticed by now (those whom know me, or know of me) I love Techno & dance music! LOVE IT! I also love VIDEO & FILM.

This year, I've noticed a major trend in the styles of music video art being produced. I'm more than sure you are familiar with the strange meme style copy-cats of videos like "Harlem Shake", and dance music videos by Psy like "Gangnam Style" & "Gentleman"  in which the viewer is drawn into a video eddited world of strange visuals, and strange yet catchy beats...

Well, this year, music video directors take their music video art/craft through this very strange direction, with often times gritty visuals, to the very pretty yet raw scenes, incorporating slow motion (high speed cameras) photography with creative video editing or sped-up video, in which it's like you're inside of a very strange dream, when suddenly any number of strange things happen, that range from the very weird, to the awkward, uncomfortable, and inappropriate -making you experience an emotional shock of: OH MY GOD! WHAT JUST HAPPENED??? DID I JUST SEE THAT???? And, then it gets stranger & stranger from there! And it hits you with some more!

You will notice unusual usage of body parts, body part close-up scenes, creative unusual angled shots, body parts, gestures, or postures uncommon to the norm enhancing the "shock" experience of the viewer, as well as a very House & Hip-Hop flavor to the music, including dubbing, looping, sampling, and creatively edited to synch with the music. It's quite reminiscent of Stephen Chow HK films, but on steroid, and then on acid to boot.

Don't believe me????

Well, here they come! And, they get stranger, and weirder as they go down the page!

But... a word of CAUTION: These may be SO NSFW!

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