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Permaculture: A Winning Solution

Permaculture: A Winning Solution

I have spoken so often of Permaculture, not just orally from my mouth, but frequently on social media. Sure, I often feel "cold & alone in the wilderness" here, but people REALLY don't want to hear about Peak Oil Energy Crisis, and a few other things... but, at least Permaculture is actually catching on, whether people realize how beneficial it is or not yet.

Permaculture, like a handful of my other interests, are not something one can simply understand in a blurb, or a graphic, it takes a while to really "get it".

Think of it this way:
Can you simply become a lawyer by just reading a blurb, article, stack of articles, or a book?
No. It takes a while to read, contemplate, process, and learn it. Right?

Well, Permaculture (and Peak Oil, and a list of other things) takes a while to process. I figure it takes about at least 2 weeks to really "get it" and at least a few hours worth of watching & listening to the information, because reading about it, isn't quite enough. You NEED TO SEE IT demonstrated, and explained. NOT JUST READ ABOUT IT.

But, like most people in this new century, people have become so conditioned by Consumerism, and smartphone technology, TV commercials, billboards, and website ads, that if it doesn't "reach you" in a split moment in a graphic to jazz up your impulses, you will give up and your attention will go elsewhere, unless something else catches your attention...(conditioning emotion impulsive responses of the amygdala part of the brain which is more instinct and primitive)

NO, this might take ACTUALLY WHOLE MINUTES of your attention to start to "get it", and you WILL require HOURS of interest. (frontal lobe part of the brain which requires the conscious filtering, weighing, contemplating, and understanding, using & applying knowledge, and more rational & cognitive thoughts & critical thinking skills, which take more time, and have higher capacities to create better choices in a human being's life)


Because once you 'get it" it's THE BEST FEELING YOU CAN EVER HAVE! Especially if you understand the dire situation of Peak Oil & the Energy Crisis, which is even more dire than Global Warming & Climate Change... but, I'm more than sure you are all at least somewhat aware of what that is.

When the reality of Peak Oil really hit me last year, I was TRULY in a panic. And, I was searching for solutions for our next generations. But, I hadn't realized there were several of them. All kinds!

One of THE BEST, if not THE BEST, solution is Permaculture!

Even if the lights go out, the electricity goes out (which so many idiotic Libertarians freak out about), you, myself, us, we, can all survive and have a VERY high standard of living! WITH PERMACULTURE!

Agriculture & Monoculture are over, and done. They are no longer sustainable, and are about to keel over.... That may sound like "bad news" to you, but it really isn't... sure, you will most likely need to say good-bye to your grains, and breads, and many of the crap u currently eat (especially in the USA) but that's the best part! Because you WILL have plenty of other things to ea! It will be MUCH BETTER! you will be much happier, and you won;t have the healthy problems caused by the over eating of processed grains & overly processed and artificial foods!

With Permaculture, you will NEVER have to PLOW ever again, you won't EVER need to go to a groceries store for basics, and you'll be living in a food forest with Permaculture design, if you r lucky enough to have that option to begin NOW. It does ALL THE WORK ON ITS OWN after it's all set up. No pest! No pesticides! No artificial fertilizers! U will NEVER need a tractor either!

After the first 3 years, it pretty much starts doing all it's own maintenance, and after about 5 years, you NEVER NEED TO DO ANY WORK... UNLESS YOU WANT TO.

In most cases Permaculture "food forests" create SO MUCH FOOD, that even on a tiny piece of property, like a town house of just a few square yards, you can have SO MUCH FOOD u can't even eat it all! So, you can just give it away, and you can eat ALL YEAR LONG even in cold climates if you understand the principles & utilize it correctly.

Deserts? Swamps? Mountains? Saline soil? Dead soil? Doubt? Overly rainy? Not a problem! With Permaculture we can either fix it, or work around it, or even with it! It's literally a DESIGNED FUNCTIONING ECOSYSTEM! Biodiversity and all!

Permaculture is SO AMAZING that it can work in ANY CLIMATE, and ANY SEASON. People also incorporate Hügelkultur, Aquaponics, and Greenhouses! It can work in a city, ghetto, rural, mountain, marsh, and can even RE-GREEN THE DESERT! You can even use it to create natural water springs, wells, canals, swails, and more.

You could have it be ornamental like horticulture, or literally look like a big forest, that once you pay attention is all fruits, tress, nuts, greens, and incoprotae all kinds of domesticated like, like fowl, fish, and other things.

Also, there's an amazing aspect of the established food forests of Permaculture! Once it's begun self regulating its self, there is something known as "the edge effect". It's a scientific result of Permaculture in which the natural properties of the ecosystem you've designed in place will start to "spill out" and it begins to fix the land properties next to it. Places that were previously dead, dead soil, nothing would grow also begin to have new life because the micro-organisms begin to fix everything. You will also find that the area will seem to have a self awareness within that self regulating system that will seem to seed & plant just the right types of  plants or fungi to fix the soil on it's own.

So, I put together a list of all the best video footage, doing all the work for you, to make it EASY for you to understand.

Just spent the next few days & weeks, and grab your popcorn, and your notebook & pen and START LEARNING. It's FREE!

Not only is this information FREE, it's incredibly valuable!

I've filtered out quite a bit of the Hippie-ish "New Age", cult-like, weirdo neo-religions, and crazy folks that think that aliens talk to them, or add weird nonsense like so-called "sacred geometry" which TURNS EVERYBODY OFF, and makes people think ur insane n won't take you seriously, let alone give you the time of day... So, there's no people with nappy unkempt hair, mud romping Hippies, or freakish odd-balls here. Just sensible, practice, down-to-earth, SANE persons.


Design Specific Stuff:

Thanx for coming to my blog.

Hopefully, if you are TOTALLY NEW to the concept of Permaculture, Peak Oil, and sustainability, I would like to suggest you to go to YouTube and search 'Permaculture' for the next few months and at LEAST watch a video or 2 each day, as well as follow-up and learn some things by searching Google, and find people in your local area to help you. There's most likely several already.

But, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be kind to your neighbors and DO NOT use this as some kind of new stint on proselytizing or soliciting people, or sucking people, into some cult, or political parties...

Diversity I key to maintaining a better future, as well as the present. So, PLEASE be respectful of others, other cultures, subcultures, ethnic groups, various religions, and TRY NOT to become a cult or uppity clique yourself, because it never ends well. I recommend people to stay secular in these endeavors, and keep your personal preferences of beliefs to yourself if different than secular Common Law.

I have also found that Permaculture is better executed on the private level/sector as small groups of individuals, even when involving communities BEFORE ever trying to take it to municipal levels because they won't believe you. municipalities require the burden of proof on a larger scale. I do think it's an EXCELLENT idea to participate in your local district meetings, etc. However, don't act like a crazy fringe idiot, or start spouting off nonsense about aliens, Illuminati, conspiracy stuff (whether factual or theoretical) , religious terminology, or sectarian themes. If you do that, people will NOT take you seriously, you might get kicked out, and in some cases if you start talking about crazy stuff like Feng Shui, "sacred geometry" or 'the aliens are here to help us" you will most likely get put in a strait jacket and medicated for schizophrenia, as well as embarrass everyone involved, smearing everyone else involved, and ruin any chances of success...

Just be a moderately sensible human being. Be kind, friendly, responsible, helpful if you feel motivated to do so, accept help when it's truly needed and BE GRATEFUL when it's given, and be open to creativity, innovation, and new ideas. Be open to ideas from the elderly, and don't treat them as obsolete like a machine, and also try to be open to our young people whom often have great new ideas as well. Be open & respectful of mothers with children, and understand that most human beings aren't perfect...

I have been doing this research for nearly a full year now, often all day, for days, sometimes weeks in a row, and often on all of my free time. So, please take this information and use it responsibly. 

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