Monday, October 21, 2013

#CostOfCarbon 10/21/2013

I'm divided about the #CostOfCarbon Google hang out I just had, with AL Gore.

Sure, there WERE some fringey, annoying, Libertarians poking in sometimes in the chat... saying uneducated stuff from there Lobbyist think tanks...

and, I DO think Gore is a descent guy... I like the guy. I ought to. ;)

But NO ONE wanted to mention peak Oil.

Not a single person!

The idea of new technologies is still a good one, and renewable energy, etc.

But, they JUST don't "get it" yet!

Not a SINGLE person was willing to acknowledge peak oil.

THEN, I kept getting locked from chat, while other could text at a rappid rate.

petroleum is RUNNING OUT! FAST!

That means you WON'T have electric cars either, because the tires are MADE from petrol! EACH tire is 7-9 gallons of petrol!

Hydrocarbons in general are running out!

the electricity you are using RIGHT NOW is most likely from Coal, and they are leveling WHOLE MOUNTAINS EACH DAY for YOUR mass consumption of energy!

The ONLY energy left will be renewable, which will mean you must ALL SLOW DOWN!

Out entire way of life is on a time limit! It's DONE! Over! Finished!

Folks my age and younger will see this, and it is already starting!

Your children and grandchildren WILL NOT HAVE CARS!

and, at the rate we are going, food and clean water & air will be scarce.

You MUST wrap your mind around it!

The Climate Change IS something to be alarmed about, FOR SURE!

BUT, the most alarming thing when it finally hits you is the dilemma of peak Oil!

There WON'T be more jobs, the mass consumption way of life is ticking on a timeline, and we're at the end right now. It's playing out RIGHT NOW.

It doesn't need to be DOOMS DAY either. It COULD be a transition... a pleasant one... OR, it will be nearly hellish....

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