Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My 1st Post

My General Alias in "Black UniGryphon" or just "BlackUniGryphon" (乌独角兽 or 烏獨角獸 ) but, it's still ME.

That would be me, as in: Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman-Wang AKA 任思麒

Sometimes, I need to just NOT be known ONLY for my artwork, but also I'm, let's just say a "thinker". I think. I need to pontificate.

Hello! UPenn, if u're out there, maybe u'd like to pick me to study philosophy with you!




OK, then.... moving right along...


I haven't quite decided what to do with this specific blog.... yet...

But, I would like it to (hopefully) be known out there, that I (at the very least) have a functioning brain.

I like to think beyond that... but, hey... low expectations, Okay?

So, let's just shoot for basics....

I'll need to seriously consider what to do with this blog, I just hope it's something worthwhile... but, anyways, it's not as tho' anyone actually reads my blogs, much, if at all anyway... so, who cares?

I just hope, at least, that I can have something I can leave behind.. you, know that whole concept of legacy?

Well, this blog is Google based... so, hopefully, it'll be archived for posterity.

1 of my old blogs, which I used to cherish, several years ago, I just don;t feel I could continue with, as that person I was, the beliefs I had, no longer are valid, and that person (I was) is gone. I'm sad for her, because she passed, but I can no longer be her. I am just merely what remains. I'd like to believe that it's a good thing, altho' I would've been much more happier and content to be her. But, I cannot. I have laid her to rest, so no one, and nothing can ever hurt her again.

Now, only I exist. My skin is thicker, my thoughts and tongue are sharper, I can't say the same for my mediocre typing skills, but, hopefully that means something...

I will, however, continue with THIS blog: http://blackunigryphon.blogspot.com/

I would've preferred to have lived my life as an artist, through my art, by my art, from & of my art(s)... but, I find, I unfortunately have been bestowed with a mind as well, and It must be taken into account.

I like science, and I also like philosophy...

But, as spirituality goes, I find (for the moment) that this topic has gone a bit mad, and the communities involved with it are problematic.

I like wisdom, I like philosophy, but I also like science, and things to make sense. At the same time, there is something about humanity, such as the ability to leap beyond logic, to be quite compelling. I just find I cannot commit to any modality, or group thought that will accept anything blindly, even tho' they have a functioning mind, or brain. Logic & reason were not there to exist merely to forgo them.

A topic of interest which perplexes me, as I have noticed it is the concept of "Faith".

I will say more on this, perhaps later, but this word (in English but also in several languages) has several definitions. The general meaning of it means to believe in something without evidence. However, it has often been used (even in Latin) to mean "loyal". Including "faithful" or "the faithful".

This I find to be problematic.

I don't think it's wrong to question, nor to seek/want/demand proof.

I also don't think that the act of believing something means, nor equates, to to loyalty, nor should it.

This would be nothing short of illogical.

On, the other hand, I have, in my own experience(s) had instances of believing in something when no one else did, and making something come true.

So, I am of course, perplexed further...

So, as I said, I like Philosophy VERY much. Yet, it can range from everything from the very hard nosed analytical to the very esoteric.

But, I am happy to know there is a wide spectrum.

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