Monday, December 15, 2014

The Nonsense People OPENLY say to Defend Torture 01

The Nonsense People OPENLY say to Defend Torture 

This will be my first recorded outlet of the kinds of emptiheaded nonsense people spew out in public without even thinking, nor understanding what they are talking about.


There are these persons whom have been "friends" with me on social media, such as "Facebook". they're not actually my real friends, but most likely people that I played video games with, or people whom knew me via others/networking, or groups. Or, perverts that just want to 'be my friend" because I had photos of myself with cleavage & makeup on.

Often, they DON'T show their actual faces, nor even use their real names. They also only regurgitate talking points, often propaganda, that they sling around reactionarily without even thinking about what they're talking about, and are quick to make everything about sides (your side vs. my side) because they can't think in anything other than a dualistic black & white, and can;t distinguish between complex nuances in the "shades of gray".

If you disagree with whatever they've been conditioned to think, they accuse you of it attacking them by attacking you first and you replying, and questioning them.

They also don't understand what words like "liberal" and "conservative" actually mean, and sling words around dismissively, thinking they know what they're talking about.

Here's one  such person, today (December 15th, 2014) going by the name  
Kevin Metier.

I made some posts, logically stating how people whom are tortured are victims, and that creating a victim means someone committed a crime. victims are the result of a crime. It's also morally wrong. It's not any kind of NEW argument, it's been around for centuries, and many laws, such as Common Law, Magna Carta, and the US Constitution Bill of Rights, and even the Nuremberg trials are also NOT NEW.

But, this guy comes at me with this:

Oh, was somehow the use of a person falling from the towers is supposed to do what? make me feel guilty, or shut up, or nullify what I said?

Funny thing is it doesn't. I resent the use of this person's tragedy to be used, LIKE DICK CHENEY DID, to justify invading Iraq FOR PROFIT, and using repeated torture to get a phony "lead" since Iraq HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. 

Not only that, but Cheney & bush DENIED that there was ANY torture going on FOR YEARS!
WHY???? Because it's A WAR CRIME.

So, when I responded to his impulsive, and thoughtless attack, he wrote this: 

This is the same guy that is often self righteous with religious  anything whenever it suits his whims...
And, by the way, I'm also ANTI-Feudalism, so this little 'princess' quip is just more nonsense he thinks might hurt my feelings... but, I actually UNDERSTAND what I talk about, or write about.

And, then he doubles down, admits he condones torture and evil.

Well..... I wonder what his boss might think....

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