Monday, February 25, 2013

The ONLY Drum N Bass Songs I ACTUALLY Like

It annoys the crap out of me when kids say dumb stuff like "Dub step used to be called 'drum n bass'."

How DUMB are you????

Honestly, I HATE the majority of "Drum N Bass" music!
It's also called "Trommel N Bass".

The 1st time I've ever heard the stuff as a kid was from Germany, so I'd only originally known the style as being called "Trommel N Bass", but even by the late 1990s even the Germans were just calling it "Drum N' Bass".

I have NO IDEA  HOW anyone could EVER confuse "Drum N Bass" with "Dub Step"!


For one, "Drum N Bass" is so confusing to sit n listen to because it's a contracting amount of "feelings". You have these really fast klicking beats, and often the musical elements/arrangements are soooooooooooooo slow... that I don't know whether to fall asleep or twitch-dance... but, it's like ya can;t dance to it, because it's so sloooooooow...

It's like the musical equivalent of drinking LOTS of Vodka with 2-3 Red Bulls (the kinds with sugar in them)!

So, u don't know whether to pass out, or get up n go!

The vast majority of Drum N Bass tracks are just that genre version of House Music... but a very bland monotonous track, that is boring, and makes me want to leave...

In my personal opinion, I find most Drum N Bass tracks to be terrible, where as the newer glitchier styles of "Dub Step" are quite good, I just didn't care much for the old style of Dub Step with that UK garage sound... so boring...


Plus, I can actually dance to Dub Step. You know? Popping, locking, hitting...

Having said that, there ARE actually a FEW (very few) "Drum N Bass"/"Trommel N Bass" tracks that I actually LIKE... even LOVE!

And.... yeah, they are ALL GERMAN!

What???? I just like German Techno better....

Here they are:


Now, my favorite DrumN Bass song/track is a remix of Blümchen's single "gibt Mir noch Zeit", which I think is WAY better than the original version of the song.
There are actually 4 versions of this track.

There's the Radio Edit (in der luft) which is in the Original German (Deutsch)
There's an extended mix version

And, there are 2 other versions of the song IN ENGLISH  But, published under the alias "Blossom" and the song is called "Give Me More Time".

Those 2 versions also have a radio mix (On Air)
and an Extended version track.
 But, The German version is BETTER.

You can download the radio version (Deutsche) HERE
You can Download the long (Deutsche) Version HERE

But, the English versions will be difficult to find. Check Discogs and importers, but it'll cost ya. I got mine from Japan in 1999, and it wasn't cheap.

But, for the record, NO OTHER  Blümchen songs remixed to Drum N Bass are any good at all. There's a Drum N Bass remix of "nur geträumt..." which is so God awful! Yuck!


Another Drum N Bass track that I actually LIKE, is by "Scooter".

 I REALLY like this one too! Great Stuff!

It's called "The Fist Time".

You can download it HERE (Amazon)


And finally, A track by "Dune", and I LOVE it.

You can download it HERE

And, that's it! Ironically, each of these musical acts are NOT known for even doing House or Drum N Bass, but Known originally for Happy hardcore...

But, Scooter has moved on to Hard Style & Jump Style, and even does Dub Step now.

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